Do you have a difficult search?

Are you tired of the same old recruiting tactics?

Are you ready to try something new?

ReSearch Connection gives you a better, more cost-effective way to recruit great talent.

Our Approach insures every candidate we present is highly qualified and interested in working for you.

We save our clients an average of at least 50% compared to contingency search firms, and at least 65% compared to retained search firms.



Cost Effective

I like the way she prices; we pay for time spent. We get highly qualified candidates, and it costs much less than using the typical pricing method of other recruiters. On a scale of 0 – 10, I give ReSearch Connection a 10+.
President & CEO, Large commercial landscape services company

ReSearch Connection helps you fill even the most difficult positions.

You’ll Love Our Cost Structure

  • Billed Hourly
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Commissions
  • No Surprises

While everyone else is mining a resume bank, we’re actively pursuing passive candidates. You get only the best candidates to consider and hire.

I was intrigued by ReSearch Connection’s business model. I did not have the money or desire to go through an executive recruiter. I have hired four people based on their work, and that’s considerable. I have and I will recommend ReSearch Connection. It has worked really, really well for me.
SVP, Global Media Company

Our Approach is:





Most recruiters, they just throw paper at you.  They don’t really do a thoughtful screening process unless you’re really lucky   Debbie has high integrity and is a good communicator.  She has an excellent process that they’ve honed over the years.  I am highly satisfied, and I’m saying that on behalf of my clients, whom I’ve referred to her.  My clients are always watching the money, and they were very pleased.  Debbie and her team recruited qualified candidates who met the hiring criteria, and the price point was very cost effective for my clients.  I will definitely continue to recommend her services.
Lynn Appleton MooreFormer VP of Global Human Resources, Ciena Corporation