In our client’s words…

I was intrigued by ReSearch Connection’s business model. I did not have the money or desire to go through an executive recruiter. I have hired four people based on their work, and that’s considerable. I have and I will recommend ReSearch Connection. It has worked really, really well for me.

Global Media Company

I heard positive things about ReSearch Connection and decided to give them a try. They delivered great value—better than any recruiters I’ve worked with in taking my input and feedback to present quality candidates that matched what I wanted. I’m highly satisfied.

VP, Consumer Products Company, Atlanta, Ga.

I like the way she prices; we pay for time spent. We get highly qualified candidates, and it costs much less than using the typical pricing method of other recruiters. On a scale of 0 – 10, I give ReSearch Connection a 10+.

President & CEO,
Large commercial landscape services company

I use ReSearch Connection for any position I cannot find quickly. From junior positions to seasoned roles, they consistently present qualified candidates worthy of further consideration. Debbie’s team ‘gets’ what I need right away. They reduce my time spent to looking only at candidates that have already met my set criteria. I find their value proposition to be extremely high. With a contingency firm, we were looking at a cost of 20% to 25% of total salary along with paying 20% mark-up on a three to six month contract-to-hire period. Search efforts I’ve done with ReSearch Connection cost much less. I have often recommended Research Connection over the years. Those people and companies who have used them have always been able to make a hire as a result of RC’s search efforts.

Michael Lang
Former Dir. of IT, Medical Decision Logic, Inc

Most recruiters, they just throw paper at you.  They don’t really do a thoughtful screening process unless you’re really lucky   Debbie has high integrity and is a good communicator.  She has an excellent process that they’ve honed over the years.  I am highly satisfied, and I’m saying that on behalf of my clients, whom I’ve referred to her.  My clients are always watching the money, and they were very pleased.  Debbie and her team recruited qualified candidates who met the hiring criteria, and the price point was very cost effective for my clients.  I will definitely continue to recommend her services.

Lynn Appleton Moore,
Former VP of Global Human Resources, Ciena Corporation

ReSearch Connection delivers results comparable to some of the biggest national firms at a fraction of the cost.  Their research extends beyond the search to include screening, reference checks, social media review, and more.  They are efficient, effective, and responsive, and it’s a joy to work with Debbie Marett and her company.  I definitely recommend them.

Nancy Chambers,
Principal and Owner, Lassiter & Associates

Compared to executive and contingency recruiting agencies, Debbie’s firm delivers much faster results at a lower price.  The Research Connection process is very thorough and well organized.  I find their attention to detail and Debbie’s ability to work with a client to keep them abreast of how the search is progressing to be very effective.  Search results are presented in a manner that’s easy to digest and incorporate into someone’s metrics.  You know by time the information gets to you that her team has vetted the candidates about all aspects of your opportunity.  When you contact a candidate, you know that they have covered the essentials, which lets me get to the heart of the conversation.  I consider the ReSearch Connection recruitment model appropriate for almost any position within an organization-large or small.

Barbara Keihm
Former Vice President, Operations-Wintellect

Hiring people is an extremely cumbersome procedure, and I was intrigued by ReSearch Connection’s business model. I did not have the money or desire to go through an executive recruiter. I have hired four people based on their work, and that’s considerable. They give me highly qualified candidates. I can assume that their candidates can do the job, and the choice comes down to the subjective elements of the fit. I have and I will recommend ReSearch Connection. It has worked really, really well for me.

Media Company

I can’t imagine better results than those from working with ReSearch Connection. When you wind up hiring an excellent candidate, that’s as good as it gets. Compared to other ways of recruiting and other recruiting firms, their process is deeper. They worked with us, getting our input all along the way to develop a network of candidates. I always felt like we were moving forward. Their level of professionalism is extremely high. They were always on top of things, always communicative and always ready. Unequivocally, I will recommend ReSearch Connection to friends and colleagues.

Maura Weiner
Former President, Jewish Academy of Orlando

Ours is a small business, with our focus on generating revenue through successful product delivery to our clients and users.  This focus does not leave us as much time to spend on Human Resource functions as we would like.  We needed help to hire a number of specialized and highly technical resources as our business grew.  ReSearch Connection was a great partner in helping us find a number of competent people who also worked very well together, achieving a great team dynamic that led to our further success in the market.  The combination of successful individuals that can also come together as a successful team is very important to me to give us our best chance for success.   Further, I think that having a referral from someone you know and trust is very important in choosing a recruiter, and I will definitely recommend ReSearch Connection, just as they were recommended to me.

VP Client Services,
Medical Decision Logic, Inc.

When you pay for time spent, sometimes you can be surprised when you see the bill. Debbie gave me good surprises, with bills that were always less than expected. She was very direct and honest, and she was very intuitive. She didn’t give me junk just to fill a spot. If she was having trouble sourcing, she’d tell me. It was that honesty that I liked. She understood the intangibles I needed in the skill set for a position. I’ve gotten feedback from clients who have used Research Connection who are thrilled with their results. I gave her to someone who had never worked with the pay-for-time model, and now he uses her exclusively. He thinks she’s the best. Debbie is great. Really great.

Rebecca Seidman
SVP of Human Resources, Ciena Corporation

ReSearch Connection was recommended to me by someone I trust, and that’s why I chose to first test their services.  Their ability to target is exceptionally strong for us.  It’s a clear differentiator.  Their financial model is very attractive.  It stands up against contingency models and retained services for recruiting higher end positions as well as mid-tier roles that require unique or unusual skills.  As our firm often hires more than one professional within a given search, the model becomes even more attractive when hiring more than one candidate from the search.   Their process is simple and efficient, and it works well for the client who is willing to be an active partner in the search process.   On a scale of 0 to 10 rating my likelihood to recommend them, I give ReSearch Connection a 9 or a 10.  I am a net promoter

SVP and Managing Director
at a leading higher education and technology services company

Since being introduced to ReSearch Connection eight years ago by the HR Department of AXA Equitable, I have used them exclusively.  To me, they are simply the best.  They provide invaluable, primary market intelligence with each search.  On four separate occasions, they found candidates that I feared did not exist. They work as true business partners, doing much more than a traditional recruiter for a significantly lower fee.   There’s nothing not to like here.   I recommend them to all my clients who need to make a smart, cost-effective hire

Liz Bieler
CMO, AXA Assistance USA

Our company has specific needs in the people we hire. Debbie and her team have helped us make four hires so far, and they’re all working out fantastically. I tried working with industry—specific recruiters and had dismal results. They kept presenting me with the same, recycled clients, and it was expensive. I felt like I paid more than the position was worth. Debbie’s model is different. She has a real grip on how to find the people I need. She and her team keep me involved throughout the process. We provide weekly feedback on candidates and direction, and that saves us time. I like the way she prices; we pay for time spent. We get highly qualified candidates, and it costs much less than using the typical pricing method of other recruiters. On a scale of 0 – 10, I give ReSearch Connection a 10+.

President & CEO
of a large commercial services company

In our Recruiter’s words….

A recruiting colleague at a retained search firm first referred me to ReSearch Connection. I have been working with RC for more than ten years as a full lifecycle recruiter, which means I work with each client from finding the right candidates through the hiring process and making sure the client and candidate are satisfied. We are much more cost effective than either a retained or a contingency search firm. Not only do our clients get a hire for much less money, they also get research and competitive intelligence. We work in partnership with each client as consultants, and we bring that additional value. We get to know our clients, their organizations, and their culture. We stay in regular contact with them throughout the search process, and we find people that are the best fit both for the job and the organization’s culture. Our clients give us a lot of positive feedback, so I know that they are highly satisfied.

Kelly Williams
ReSearch Connection Recruiter

As an RC researcher, I found that clients were highly satisfied, and they communicated that to us. Most firms work on commission and seem to have a short-term interest in presenting as many resumes as possible whether or not they closely match the requirements and cultural fit for the organization.  They send you what they have and when they run out of resumes, they move on to the next job order.  Research Connection takes a methodical approach.  RC searches are exclusive to the specific client and candidates are presented only to that client. Their researchers are very competent, tenured people with specialized sourcing skills and are persistent in finding the right, passive candidates. They are cost effective compared to traditional firms because they provide better-vetted, better-profiled candidates than the conventional firms I’ve experienced, and they do it for less.

Jeff Jones
Former recruiter, ReSearch Connection

In our Hired Candidate’s words…

Everything from start to finish was perfect. Other recruiters were never looking after my best interests; they were looking to fill a position. ReSearch Connection was different. They were like a matchmaker looking for a long-term fit with the company. The recruiter who worked with me was responsive, professional and friendly. She asked the right questions. She was very direct in what she was looking to find, and I liked that. The process was seamless; she kept me informed at each step. She was very involved and very concerned. She made sure that I was ok throughout the interview process. She even checked in with me after I had the job. That was wonderful. I will definitely recommend ReSearch Connection, both to employers and high-performers.  

Lutitia Matthias
Call Center Director, LifeFone

My ReSearch Connection recruiter was very thorough.  She provided me and the company (now my employer) with detailed information that we both needed during the hiring process.  The company engaged her, but I felt that she had both our interests in mind.  Ultimately, she was interested in making a good match.  Contingency recruiters have more incentive to plant somebody in a role in search of a big pay date.  The RC business model has more integrity.  It facilitates their deliberate, collaborate approach with both a potential job candidate and an employer.   I have a couple of positions open in my department now, and I will be using the ReSearch Connection recruiter who brought me to my company to fill those positions.

Gary B.
Director of Corporate Development at a leading higher education and technology services company

I had the sense that client (now my employer) really entrusted ReSearch Connection with the hiring process, and that RC was genuinely acting on my employer’s behalf.  RC did their due diligence to understand my experience and who I was as a person before presenting me.  There was collaboration going both ways, and that made me feel good about the whole process.  With a past search agency, I didn’t get that same sense of collaboration. Based on my experience working with them, I will definitely recommend ReSearch Connection to friends and colleagues.

Internal Communications Director,
Global Media Company